Welcome to Hope Clinic on 5th

Hope Clinic on 5th is a multidisciplinary professional team center offering biopsychosocial interventions for those with brain-based behavioral, mental, emotional and substance use disorders. We seek to create, promote and maintain a positive experience for families through the delivery of high quality mental health services.

Hope Clinic on 5th maintains collaborative and cordial relations in existing alongside the Department of Psychiatry to achieve the vision and mission of mental health delivery in the Saskatoon Health Region.

  • Three physicians currently, and one allied professional therapist, are dedicated to make Hope Clinic their practice
  • Prospects for tele-psychiatric services to off-site locations for consultations and follow up
  • Competent medical support staff who are friendly and efficient
  • Functional and efficient system of Electronic Medical Records
  • Easy access central location for patients and their families


Our Doctors

Adijat Bunmi Adekunle

Adijat Adekunle is a Registered Social Worker and earned her Master of Social Work from Dalhousie University, following a Bachelor...

Jared Knoll

Jared likes stories. He founded Heartfire to hear your story, and support you to revise, reauthor, and retell it to...

Jill Christensen

My name is Jill Christensen. I am a Masters Level Social Worker and have been in offering private counselling for...

Dr. Emmanuel Okoro

Dr. Emmanuel Okoro


My name is Dr. Emmanuel Okoro, and I have established my outpatient psychiatry practice at Hope Clinic on 5th. I have been a practicing Psychiatrist for over 8 years.