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A PSYCHIATRIST is a medical doctor who has completed medical school and has chosen to specialize in mental health. Psychiatrists are able to conduct talking therapy, prescribe medications, and manage medical patients with mental health concerns in conjunction with the family physician and other specialists.
A PSYCHOLOGIST is a person trained in mental health, focusing extensively on psychotherapy and treating emotional and mental suffering in patients using behavioral intervention. They sometimes hold a PhD in psychology (a Masters or doctorate), thus achieving the Dr. designation.

NO. Specialist services require a physician referral, generally from your family doctor, but you can also obtain referrals from a walk-in physician, or from your specialist physician (cardiology, oncology, previous psychiatrist, etc.) if you have one.

Our wait times can vary from a week or two for urgent care, up to a month or more; this is dependent on many variables and is always in flux. However, we do have cancellation lists and encourage you to follow up with us if you would be willing to attend on shorter notice. We realize the wait is difficult, and we may make suggestions to your referring doctor for care in the meantime, while you await an appointment.

Your option to see a specialist is not limited by this position. Your psychiatrist will discuss with you all of the treatment options available and make recommendations regarding the most effective and safe treatments. Our physicians practice from a biological, psychological, social and spiritual framework (comprehensive and holistic), meaning that there are many more facets to healing and wellness than medication alone.

YES, we encourage family support during scheduled appointments. However, the doctors are unable to communicate outside this unless written consent is given by you. This means that if a family member calls Hope Clinic on 5th to ask questions regarding your care, we cannot divulge any information to them. However, we can accept information over the phone, or via email at office@hopeclinicon5th.ca, from family members about you.

NO. As a psychiatrist is a medical doctor, their fees are paid by the government, as long as your Health Card is valid.

HOWEVER, if you miss a scheduled appointment without notifying the office and we are unable to fill the spot with another patient, you MAY be charged a no show fee, which you will be responsible to pay, before another appointment can be booked.

Complete assessment with diagnosis, investigations where necessary with blood tests and other imaging methods; these are sometimes requested. Provision of treatment is based on the current available scientific evidence using prescription medication and talking therapy. Further referrals can also be made to other community based group and individual treatment health care specialists, such as Mental Health and Addiction Services (306-655-7777).

We usually mail a letter in advance with all the pertinent details to the address that is provided on your referral, so please ensure to keep your information updated at your family doctor’s office. If the appointment is shorter notice, our friendly receptionists will call you with appointment times and details.

A reminder card is provided for the next appointment at each visit. A few days before this appointment is to occur, contact with you is made via our automated phone service; simply follow the menu prompts to confirm your next appointment.

Immediately attend the emergency unit of the RUH or the closest hospital to you, or at the very least go to a walk-in clinic or see your family physician as soon as possible. If you feel your risk to yourself or others is uncontainable, consider calling the Mobile Crisis Management Service (phone 306-933-6200, 24 hrs a day)

YES, we currently have a psychologist practicing on site; we also have several social workers, and family/individual/couples counsellors with offices on site.

Please see below for their contact information; each can be contacted directly for appointments and further information:


Jessi Nesbitt, Psychologist specializing in fertility concerns


Psychologists can be accessed privately, or some are publicly funded through Mental Health and Addictions Services (phone 306-655-7777).



Anjeanette Corbeil

Rapport Clinical Consulting Group

Individual, Couples and Family Counselling

Group Therapy and Workplace Wellness Workshops





Nikkii Mongovius

Counselling, Consulting & Case Management Services




Karlee Robillard

Counselling, Consulting & Case Management Services