Jessi Nesbitt


A big warm hello!  I am Jessi Nesbitt, M.Ed., Registered Psychologist and lover of Saturdays, coffee, and adventure.  I am thrilled to have an office here at The Hope Clinic on 5th, and to welcome my clients into this classic, comfy and sunny space down here in Saskatoon.

Ilumina Fertility Counselling and Consulting is excitedly the first fertility focused counselling practice here in Saskatoon.  I provide counselling, support, information, and encouragement to individuals and families struggling with fertility, loss, miscarriage, tough decisions, birth trauma, and other challenges along the way to make their family.  Others seek me out when they are looking to make a family through alternative methods, such as surrogacy and/or donation (egg, sperm and embryo).  And of course, others when desiring to be a surrogate or a donor.

More than being a Master’s level educated Registered Psychologist, I am a regular woman who shared a dream with her husband to have kids. Our journey included 7 years of failures, loss, loneliness and struggle before my dream was realized. More than my education and a focused practice in fertility counselling, I have personally walked this road.  I am dedicated to helping others on this journey, to help them thrive despite its hardships.  I believe in what people are capable of, and more importantly what we can do together